Finding the right property

One that matches your investment strategy and long term wealth plan.


Finding the property of your choice

Finding the property solely based on your preferences.


Buying the Property

Helping you at every step and negotiating on your behalf.


Tailor made solutions

Customised solutions for you, No Cookie Cutter approach.

About Our Firm

Amby Buyers agency was founded in 2020 to address the need for professional buying services in residential and commercial real estate. We offer a full range of Buyer’s agent services and can offer custom solutions based on your specific needs. We are located in Sydney and can help you buy properties all over Australia. End to End Project management for new builds is only offered in Sydney and the Mid north coast of NSW.

Amby Buyers Agency

Owning a property is more than just a dream; it has been associated with the sign of setting down for the longest time. Having the perfect property of your dreams sounds beautiful. Scouting through various real estate options and enquiring about the same can be extremely stressful. It can be challenging to grasp all the nuances, so we are bound to miss out on a few. Hence, it is essential to approach an agency that belongs to this niche.

The buyers agency includes trusted individuals who accurately know the properties and their whereabouts. They specialize in providing the best investment options. It eases your property search to a great extent. Whether it is your commercial property or a residential search, it becomes convenient with the right buyers agency.

What Do We Mean By a Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers agents are licensed professionals who can help you know the property you want to buy. In addition, they act as an intermediary between you and your dream investment since they specialize in extensive research and evaluation of the properties available in the market.

Our Vision

To help Australian Property Buyers secure financial freedom and wealth by investing in Property.


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